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Shahab Shimi Saveh Company is considered as one of the biggest Iranian private companies active in the field of producing chemicals and supplying drilling fluid additives registered in 1997. Now, through taking benefit from experienced managers and experts is considered as from amongst one of the reliable and knowledge-oriented companies in the field of chemicals, oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Meanwhile, relying on responsiveness and continuous development and processing concerning offering products as well as supplying professional materials required in the drilling industry, this company has managed to generate achieve the satisfaction of the relevant employers in a healthy working environment considering the target of long-term promotion and employment for all the related employees.

For the time being, the products of this company include the following:

  1. Production of industrial calcium chloride as per indicators of National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC),
  2. Production of colorless chloridric acid (28~32%),
  3. Production of sulfates (aluminum, sodium, and zinc).

In regarding supplying drilling fluid additives:

  1. Weights of additives (barite and calcium carbonate),
  2. Mineral salts (sodium chloride, potassium chloride),
  3. Foamers, Defoamers, Antifoamers.


Some of the activities of this company with the domestic and foreign oil companies include the following:


  1. Supplying calcium chloride and chloridric acid for of National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC) of Ahvaz,
  2. Supplying calcium chloride and chloridric acid for National Iranian Drilling Company (NIDC),
  3. Supplying calcium chloride for Iranian Central Oil fields Company (ICOFC),
  4. Supplying materials for Kalanaft Tehran Company,
  5. Cooperating with and supplying oil exploration and drilling contracting companies, inter alia, MI Services Kish, Cyrus Kish, etc.
  6. Supplying chloridric acid for CNLC Company,
  7. Supplying chloridric acid for Esfahan Steel Company,
  8. Supplying chloridric acid for Iran Bead Wire Company,
  9. Cooperating with and supplying the necessary chloridric acid for contracting companies supplying the materials required in steel and galvanization industry.






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